Last year, I had the honor of being featured as a guest, on a couple of podcasts.  You can listen to both via the links below.  

I talked with my friend, Andrea Ehrhardt, for an early episode of her show the "Artist Academy Podcast."  The episode was posted on July 2, 2019.  We talked for about 49 minutes.  Episode 16, "Booked out! How to fill your calendar with commissions with Mary Evelyn Tucker," is avaialbe on Stitcher.  This episode is also aviabale on YouTube.  You can find it on my YouTube Channel.

I also talked with my friend, Tori Mistick.  I've had the pleasure of painting her dogs Lucy and Bert.  I was featured on of her show, the "Wear Wag Repeat Podcast."  The episode was poted on October 2, 2019.  We talked for about 32 minutes.  Episode 81, "FINDING SUCCESS AS A DOG PORTRAIT ARTIST," is avaiable at

I hope you enjoy listening!


Mary Evelyn